Who is Oren?

Who am I? I could tell you that I’m Oren Patterson, writer of fantasy and reader of the same. I could tell you about my family, my friends, and my role models. I could tell you about my goals, and that would certainly give you insight into who I am. You could even, much easier, click the Bio tab above and get all the juicy info. Even if those are the facts, though, it’s not complete. I am more than what I write.

I am a dreamer. That sounds cliché, but it’s true. I long for way out of the mundane world, the portal or doorway into something different, something fantastic, something extraordinary. I read to escape. I write to have a place to flee to. But that doesn’t explain all of who I am.

I am a gatekeeper. I know where that portal, that doorway, is. I know that the way out and into the deep snow is into the wardrobe. I know that the way to the end is past the Shire, over the Misty Mountains, and deep into the fires of Mordor. I know that the way to escape is to make the way possible the only way I know how: write a way out, a way out for everyone who yearns to run away from this humdrum life.

I am a lover. Lover of the pen, bedfellow of the blank page, best buds with the delete key. I love everyone I create, everyone I destroy, everyone I make suffer, everyone I help make happy. The characters are as real to me as those that breathe the real air, that touch me and speak to me.

So who am I? I am Oren Patterson, writer and author. I will guide you to dream, I will help you open the gates and flee into our imaginations, and I will show you how to love those that live on the page as much as you can love the living.

Need to escape? Excellent. You’re in Oren’s Realm, now.


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