Nearing the End

Well, it’s been awhile. Isn’t it funny how one can make all sorts of goals (like promising to post on the blog more) and get sidetracked so easily?

One goal, however, is almost complete.

My final graduation date is November 16th. I have two remaining classes and then I will have completed my Bachelors of Art in Creative Writing.

I’ve looked back at some of my blog posts and I cringe at how spartan and lackluster everything has been. It was for a good reason: to concentrate on getting my work done as good as possible. It is such a relief, however, to be able to write a post like this and know that at least one of the dreams I’ve mentioned is coming true.

My future goals will be to begin establishing a platform and working on publication. Like many writers, it will be a tedious and difficult uphill road, but it is a road we all desire…and for some of us, it is the only road possible.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my inconsistent posts and following along, even if only for a little while. With hard work, and some luck, perhaps Oren’s Realm will grow into something bigger.


2 responses to “Nearing the End

  • starlately81

    What project are you working on now? You’re in the home stretch for school, right?

  • Oren

    Hi! Yes, just one more week, then all the paperwork associated with graduating. A very exciting time. I have a couple of projects… I have not decided which one I want to complete first. I have a novel fully outlined and ready to go, and a novella that’s similarly solid.

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