Time flies when you’re having fun!

Oh dear me, has it been over year since I graced my blog? I have an excuse, flimsy as it may be. Since I last graced this site with my novice words, I have completed quite a number of classes. I’ve finished up all the writing workshops offered, and I’m actually working on my final year! I can’t believe how fast time has flown.

I have learned SO much. I cannot even express how much my awareness of my own writing has improved. I see many things that I did not before, structural and syntactical devices that are much more apparent. I have grown as a writer, there is no doubt about it.

Currently I’m working on an upper-level grammar class which is kicking my ass. Seriously, it’s a toughie. Not because the material is hard. It’s not too bad, really. It’s just that there is way more technical stuff about sentence and word structure that I was unaware of. Way more. I’m currently writing a paper about the history of the semicolon. Totally serious. The Semicolon. While I do find it entertaining, in a way, writing a paper about such a thing is almost too much for my delicate brain to handle. Still, it’s all part of this life I am seeking, so no real complaints.

I have started a novel, and a novella. The novel is based on the Lawbringer story I’ve mentioned in an earlier post. The world, plot, characters, and overall structure is quite good, in my opinion, and I cannot wait to show you guys. Additionally, my novella idea is rocking, and I’m even more excited for it. I don’t to share details just yet, but I’m applying not only my refined writing ability to it, but also my newly-acquired education from other classes I’ve enjoyed. I feel so excited about being original, and just knowing that I’m working on something so good.

That’s it for now, folks. Got a paper on semicolons to finish! Talk to you guys again soon.



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