Poetry was…interesting.

Well, the first two weeks of English 226 are done. Hardest couple of weeks for me. Not because of the particular lesson’s points, which were about voice and imagery, but writing a poem.

Now, I have no problems with poetry. None at all. I respect the ability for an artist to use words to create an image using sometimes very specific and rigid forms. I think it’s amazing, really. However, it really was a struggle to write something.

I think most of it is the first-time jitters. In a class with 100% creative writing and English majors, coming up with something creative to be displayed for peer review filled me with terror. I mean, I’m pretty sure I can write decent, but some of these folks have been writing for years. Some of them write poetry as their main creative outlet, and their submissions were amazing.

Hopefully, when we get to the short story segment, I can redeem myself.

I did get a good grade for the poem, a 74 of 75. The professor felt one particular word choice didn’t fit, but commended me on solid imagery. I’ll post the poem for your perusal, highlighting the word the professor disapproved of.

Cold Front 

The cerulean blanket overhead teases

me with an assurance of warmth.

The sly glint of the amber eye above

lends no comfort to my frozen skin.


A sarcastic bluster pushes against me,

chilling, stinging, nipping the tender

parts of me that can feel the winter’s trick.

The crisp quip of tawny bermuda under


my boot goads me to walk faster. I am

close to true warmth, nestled behind

plaster and windows, the spirit in the

hearth a more attainable thawing than


the mockery of fire up high. A quick dash

inside, an indiscriminate toss of wrappings.

The blaze greets me with its coveted arms.

At last, I can feel the cordiality I crave.


So there’s that bugger of a poem. I’m not sure how I should feel about it. Literally, my first poem ever. Well, an A’s an A.

Moving on, I won with my latest item, Crux of Madness, for the contest it was submitted to. I’m proud of it, as is my mentor and other’s in my writing group. Per their suggestions, I’ve decided to take a big leap of faith and submit it to a magazine. We’ll see what happens, and I’ll be sure to talk about it in detail once I get more information about how it is received.

Very exciting! In just one year from having never written creatively, and now I’m seeking publication for an item. I have this…anticipation…this buzzing deep inside that makes me feel like I’m right on the edge of the Grand Canyon. I’m sure a big part of it is fear, and I hope it’s not a feeling that is scoffed at by more experienced authors and writers. I have this hope, this desire, to be successful at writing fantasy, and having peers tell me that I can be is overwhelming.

Or, it could just be after-spasms from writing poetry. We’ll see.






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