Still making progress…

Week five just about done in Psychology 108. Last week was Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and this week is Theory of Emotion. Great stuff! As this is an accelerated course, I’ve just completed my midterm – ACED IT. Quite literally took me about two hours to complete it, despite it being open book. I thought when a test was multiple-choice and open book, it’d be easy. Well, it wasn’t horrible, but I actually had to work for my answers. The questions were phrased in such a way that I couldn’t just look for something verbatim…I had to actually process the question and make sure I comprehended what was being asked. I missed one question, but it was tricky anyways, so I’m fine with a 97.5%.

There’s been quite a few developments since my last blog post. In my personal dramatic story called life, my parents have split up after 37 years of marriage. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a mutually consenting split, as my dad apparently had a girlfriend, approximately my age. Of course this is all a blow, but much more so for my mother. It’ll be alright, as I’m doing my best to help my mom out, but it is just crazy how quickly things can turn around. It’ll get resolved, these things always do, but the only thing I can really do is take notes and try to learn something from it.

It may sound callous, but I’ve been really trying hard to see how I can take any experience and apply it to writing. Since I am the oldest child of three, I have a duty to do certain things to help my mom and family in times of need; it’s like a code. Maybe I can keep track of this process and apply the emotions and reactions of the real people to future characters. I’m trying to get into the mindset of making everything a potential story, and I hope it isn’t selfish of me. I already analyze things I see on the way to work, trying to find details about yards, cars, buildings, etc and how I can use the little things I see to make settings more plausible in future stories.

I finished a short story just recently, that I’m now editing. It’s called The Seventh Lawbringer. I wrote it as a prequel to another short story I wrote earlier this year, called The Law and the Fist. I enjoyed the world and concept of the Lawbringers, and I wanted to show a little of the main character Sebastian’s history. The Law and the Fist received very positive reviews, and it won First Place in the contest it was submitted to. Both need work, but I think if you read The Seventh Lawbringer, especially after I edit it, you’ll see an improvement in my writing ability. TLATF was written in early August. Be warned, though, if you check TSL out right this instant, it’s just a rough draft! I am going to develop a plot line and develop this world much, much further, so keep your eyes out for continued adventures of Sebastian, Lin, & the Lawbringers of Lastearth.

On a related note, namely updates, I found out this morning I was voted Best New Reviewer for October in the Rising Star writing group. I’m pleased that I was considered, although I don’t think I did anything amazing besides review other Rising Star members and tell them very honestly how I felt about their story. I would make a few grammatical comments, but I’m super-leery of correcting grammar when I know I’m not perfect. Regardless, it’s still an honor, and I’m happy to be doing well on this big writing website.

Anyways, that’s it for a progress update. I think I’m do for a story posting soon, so I’ll see which story was next in my development this year and talk about it soon.

‘Til then!


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