Finally getting…

Finally getting around to some free time. I really need to nail down a schedule for this blog.

Okay, a few updates. As mentioned before, I participate on regularly in a fantasy group, and compete in several contests on the site. An experienced and high-ranking (for lack of a better description) user nominated me to be a “Rising Star”, which is a program designed to recognize, encourage, and mentor promising new writers. Amanda, my sponsor, co-authored a winning story with me for a group contest, and she apparently enjoyed our collaboration enough to think I have potential. Great news, and I hope to live up to her expectations. There are several projects I must work on as a Rising Star, and I plan on trying hard.

I’m not sure how to feel about a lot of the praise I’ve received. I’m really intimidated at times. I want to hide my head, strip my items from the site, and junk it all sometimes. I know I still need a lot of improvement, but some seem to think I have a future as a writer. I dearly hope so.

This semester, which I’ll remind you that I’m going to Southern New Hampshire University for English and Creative Writing, is fully paid for. Books are bought, classes scheduled. It’s exciting and intimidating. I know I can do all of it, but I still feel that urge to “turtle”. It’ll be fine, though. I have a lot of support.

Tomorrow I’ll continue my reviews from my portfolio, talking about Brotherhood, which I mentioned in an older entry.

I’ll see you tomorrow. 🙂


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One response to “Finally getting…

  • phyllis

    I will personally beat you if you don’t quit second guessing yourself. These people ar e experienced writers. If they didn’t see something special in you I seriously doubt you would have won so many contests and been invited to special groups. You are a wonderfully talented author. You’ll be much better when you realize it for yourself.

    I’m excited for you and school. I hope everything goes as smoothly ans easily as I know it my heart it will

    Keep your head up, and know those who truly stand behind you are building you up sending you confidence you need to succeed far beyond even your imagination can dream of.

    Hugs to you! And I better get to see everything you write… Every word! 😉

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