Busy is good.

Wow. So, yeah, busy times lately! Since my last post, I have been accepted into Southern New Hampshire University to begin studies for a BA in Writing. I was able to get some previous college credits transferred, and only need 88 (approx.) to complete the degree.

I’m excited about it. I had originally considered a technical degree, like Computer Science or Engineering; money being the motivator behind those choices. After some serious consideration and discussion between my wife and I, we both decided that to avoid burnout and declining interest, perhaps a degree that I would enjoy would be preferable. I would be more inclined to finish, as well as still possessing a 4 year degree. My job opportunities will increase, although my available max salary would, of course, be much lower than a technical degree.

Another reason for pursuing an education in writing, is that this is something I can do until I die. Even after retirement age, I can still put out books/stories that I enjoy. Income without the job. One would argue that it’s still a job, but I say not really. It’s pleasurable and fun to write.

So, here’s to education. I start October 29th.

As for this site, I plan (hopefully) to continue to update regularly. I have lots of things to talk about, including my current and future personal projects, and status of my life and future career. My next entry will continue into reviewing my comments and reviews from WDC for “Brotherhood”.

See you next time!


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