Back from Color…

Back from Colorado, unfortunately. Such a beautiful state. If I could have a nice place about 10000 feet with nothing but trees and a years worth of food and supplies, I would be happy.

I finished the short story I was working on, today. I had trouble with a title, but I settled on “The Law and the Fist”. Simple and direct, and probably lame. I was happy with the ending, and I’m probably a bit long-winded, as it’s roughly 5800 words. I enjoyed the world I created for it, and I may develop it into a full novel.

My wife and I have been discussing me going back to school for a degree. As my current job is pretty cruddy, getting a degree would open up tons of job opportunities, allowing me to actually get a job with progression and a future. I considered a technical degree, as of course that would get me a job with lots of money. But, is that what I really want? I could do a technical job pretty easily, but I’m not sure I would enjoy it.

What I’ve learned to enjoy recently is writing. So, why not go to school for an English or Writing-based degree. Who cares if I end up a columnist or journalist; it’s still writing and that is what I enjoy. I discussed with my wife, and she agreed she would rather have me happy than not; at any rate, a degree would still broaden my job opportunities. So, I’m not looking into schools offering Creative Writing or similar degrees, and maybe I can make something happen.

Maybe we’ll see that novel yet. I have three solid book ideas, and I bet I can cook up others. Exciting!

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