Weekend engaged.

Well, I was going to follow up the last post with the review I received and how I felt about it, but I actually forgot I was heading out of town this weekend, so I’ll do it when I get back.

Some minor updates in my writing exploits. First, I bought a Folding Keyboard for when I’m out. I use my iPhone so often it’s become a great tool without needing a full tablet. When it comes in I’ll yammer a bit about it.

The second little thing was on WDC. I entered a contest recently with the stipulation that I would refrain from doing any more until I finished some chapters in my current project. Well, the two individuals that each led a separate contest I participated in started a new contest. Intrigued, I read the prompt: solve a crime, have a blind character, and must be a pirate, western, or martial art theme. Very interesting.

So guess what my crazy self is going to do…all of the above! Muahaha! I’ll post updates.

See you next time.


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