Hello and welcome!

Welcome to Oren’s Realm! Yes, I know, a bit cheesy, but if you knew me in person, I’m all about cheesy.

I wanted to create a place I could write about things in the world that strike my fancy, and share some writing with the world. I came to the conclusion, with some advice from good friends, that maybe an online blog would be a great way to keep writing and maybe learn a few things or three. So, here I am, with a nifty free WordPress site!

I am a 34-year-old male, married, with a beautiful 3-year-old daughter. I’m hoping that I can inspire my daughter through my writing, and when she gets old enough, perhaps she’ll share my love of reading and writing. I currently live in the great state of Oklahoma. I have two dogs: Slugger, a puffball of a grumpy yet affectionate pomeranian, and Heidi, a deep dark brindle boxer. Heidi is sweet and playful, and a treat to have around. Slugger is well, just Slugger.

I enjoy reading. I am working on George R. R. Martin’s books (isn’t everyone? lol). I really enjoy structured and well thought out fantasy, and even a good sci-fi, books. Robert Jordon’s Wheel of Time series is phenomenal, if a tad long (and I mean looooonnngg). Piers Anthony is a strong favorite of mine. Anthony’s Incarnations of Immortality books, seven total, are a great read. They blend Science Fiction and Fantasy amazingly well, and I’d like to try something similar, a hybrid world of machine’s and magic, without going steampunk.

I am currently a member on www.writing.com, a rather nice writing website with a substantial amount of participation world-wide. My original intent on joining WDC (writing DOT com) was to participate in some discussions with like-minded writers and share feedback. I discovered that they had some contests, and so I checked out a few that sounded interesting. The first contest I discovered was the Dialogue 500; the purpose of this particular contest was to write using ONLY dialogue. No “he said” “she said” or exposition, just dialogue. This intrigued me. The current month’s prompt was create a story in only dialogue where two best friend’s friendship is destroyed. A prompt is used for contests, it seemed, to keep the entries new and original, and not pulled out and dusted off from a hidden moldy portfolio. So, I entered. Here is my entry: Unexpected Snack. Now, with that entry being the first thing I’ve written outside of minor ramblings, I think I did pretty darn good. I’m still waiting on the results for that contest, but I’m actually confident I’ll place, if not win.

I have lots of thoughts and a few stories I’m going to share here, but I’m going to stop for now. I look forward to some discussion, as visitors increase; and, I hope you enjoyed this little read. Make sure to check out my entry!


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